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Weed Management for Mid Scale Vegetable Production

Volunteer Hamilton

267 King Street East, Hamilton, ON L8N 1B9, Canada

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Event Description

Weed Management for Small to Mid Scale Organic Vegetable Production Workshop

Knowing how to control weeds is one of the most important skills needed for successful organic vegetable production. Organic vegetable farming requires a diverse and very proactive approach to weed control. You can avoid the constant scramble to save crops from weeds by understanding important concepts and techniques in weed control and by having a plan in place before you put the crop in the ground. Join co-owner and manager of Cedar Down Farm CSA Jeff Boesch for discussion of the terms, concepts and techniques for weed control in organic vegetable farming.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • stale seed bed preparation,
  • cover cropping and crop rotation for weed control,
  • a large selection of hand and tractor powered weed management tools,
  • timing; weeding schedules in different crops,
  • mulching,
  • soil conditions and fertility in weed control,
  • composting for weed control,
  • weed identification,
  • and much more….

Map of Event Location
Saturday, May 3rd, 201412:00 pm –  5:00 pm