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Asja Svilans - April Leader with Soul

Flex Hot Yoga Brisbane

174 Bennetts Rd, Norman Park QLD 4170, Australia

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Event Description

Get ready to be moved and inspired in April when we will be joined by Leader with Soul Asja Svilans, Creator of The Grounded Way and The Lifestyle Biz Academy.

Asja has a background in nutrition, real food  - originally from a performance based background, followed with a chunk of time in hospitality,  she is now happily working on staying love, being more and living bigger.   The happy owner of The Wellness Collective (now The Grounded Way) creates content and events for people just like her who want to connect over topics of self care, health and good living.  A loving host and facilitator of events around real food, and more considered living.  Being present is her jam, and life long work(!), and the magic of the tiny moments of presence is where she believes the transformation lies.  Little decisions, little moments of courage and little wins - the long cut over the short cut.

A cook, teacher, speaker and facilitator that will fill you with warmth and safety for you to explore even more of what you want.

Join us as Asja explores:

How do you make sure the foundations are set, integrity is in check, to make sure that your business grows with you and you don’t find yourself back at square one every time something great (wow, new idea! lets go) or terrible (don’t even want to provide an example of that) happens.

What does business growth look like when we show up and are compelled to take action rather than pushing to someone else’s timeline or ideals.

Asja will share her experiences from many different business names, busted partnership dissolutions, and how to keep on track even when the track is wobbly.  

Join us for this inspiring, educational and collaborative gathering! Tickets include:

  • Sacred circles sharing intentions
  •  Joy-filled movement medicine to bring us back into our bodies 
  • Inspiring music 
  • Networking with soul 
  • Small group business Masterminding
  •  Connecting in the gorgeous space generously sponsored by Joining Hands Ambassador, Flex Hot Yoga
  • Parking onsite and café next door!
  • Please bring a plate of your fave food to share.

Tickets will snap up at amazing value for $20!

Tickets are limited. ($1.39 booking fee applies).

If you are a Joining Hands Ambassador your ticket is included as part of your membership. You still need to grab a ticket so we know you are coming so make sure you enter the Ambassador code in the Promotional Code box.


Map of Event Location
Friday, April 28th, 201711:00 am –  2:00 pm