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The Road to Readiness: Strategic Response and Resilience - NAHASDA Training

Monday, November 18, 2024 - Friday, November 22, 2024

08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Native Learning Center

6365 Taft Street, Hollywood, FL, USA

This FREE five-day course will maintain an eight-hour training day format, inclusive of breaks to ensure trainee engagement and content retention. Each day’s sessions will build upon the previous lessons, culminating in a realistic, scenario-driven tabletop exercise on the last day. The goal is to synthesize all the elements of learning for an effective strategic emergency response that aligns with the goals of NAHASDA. All sessions will be facilitated by experienced emergency management professionals who bring practical insights and guide participants through understanding and applying core concepts to real-world situations within Native American housing communities.

This training integrates foundational knowledge of NAHASDA, public safety, law enforcement, fire rescue, and emergency management principles within the context of Native American housing communities. Participants will actively engage with interactive sessions, workshops, and discussions throughout the week, building towards the tabletop exercise that will put their acquired skills into practice. The aim is to equip attendees with the skills necessary to promote both public safety and the enduring principles of self-determination for these communities. Furthermore, the exercise aims to unite all elements of the training and provide a realistic platform for participants to apply their knowledge and refine their strategies for mitigating hazards, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies within the unique setting of Native American housing communities.

Five-Day 8-hour Training Course Agenda: Emergency Management for NAHASDA Communities

Day 1: NAHASDA Governance and Public Safety Fundamentals

Day 2: Preparedness Strategies and Emergency Operations

Day 3: Comprehensive Response and Community Engagement

Day 4: Sustainable Recovery and Resilience Efforts

Day 5: NAHASDA-Specific Tabletop Exercise


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