Master Training Gel Expert Day 1 Deposit Banner

Master Training Gel Expert Day 1 Deposit

Sunday, July 28, 2024

10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Wyndham Lakes Plaza

14846 Wyndham Lakes Boulevard, Orlando, FL, USA

Hello future students!

I'm very excited to be hosting Michelle Soto my first Master Training Gel expert, Orlando Fl. It’s time for us to open my doors to you; sharing all the great things we I have to offer. I'm grateful to be a part of your journey, welcoming the mark you will leave on mine. This class is all level friendly training, from a beginner to an expert level. In preparation for this class, the following is what you will need to bring with you. Contact Michelle for a complete detailed list with picture references.

  • Powder / contact Michelle for image reference ( this is for Russian Manicure)
  • Wipes / contact Michelle For image reference ( this is for Russian Manicure)
  • lint free wipes/ contact Michelle for image reference ( this is for Russian Manicure)
  • table lamp

• alcohol

• dapper dish at least 2

• LED or UV Light Gel Lamp & table lamp with extension cord

• Gel top coat

• E- file with your own bits, Russian Manicure bits

• Sharp or brand new nipper & small scissors (for Russian Manicure)

• Aurora Chrome flakes, abalone shells for decorating elements

• Optional if you have any other V Beauty Pure loose glitters or polishes you may bring if desired

• Please bring any other tools or decorating elements that make you comfortable during your normal work day!


Class will start promptly at 10:00 AM. You will need to provide proof of payment upon arrival (Please bring your Ticketbud receipt as proof of registration for the course along with any identification so that we can make the Check-In process smoothly and easily for everyone attending the class). We ask that you arrive only ½ an hour early at least to allow my staff plenty of time for sign in, collect pending balance of $150 and necessary set up prior to the start of class. There will be a one-hour break for lunch; which is provided by Chelly/ Michelle Soto. Time will be given for photos. The class will end at approximately 6:00 PM giving time to clean up your area to finish by 6:00pm with the cooperation of all. Be prepared to exceed time if needed!


Ticket is a $450 fee with no remaining balance. Their will be some products for sale in class.

LOCATION: Whyndam Lakes Plaza in Orlando Fl, I look forward to meeting all of you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In this class you will learn:

Day 1

Dual Forms & Fundamentals

Module 1

Salon bio security

Module 2

Most common Nail deformities and deseases

Achieving Healthy

Nails with Gel

Module 3

Perfect Esthetic

Russian Manicure/ combination

Manicure with bits

Module 4

Fundamentals of Dual Forms proper placement to prevent cracks and promote longevity

Manicure techniques/ Hybrid Methods, Builder gel, poly gel, rubber base.

Module 5

Dual Forms Hybrid Builder Gel/ Rubber Base

Half Coverage/ No file technique

Module 6

Dual Form Builder gel half coverage No file Technique

Module 7

Trendy Hybrid Dual Forms Builder Gel Full coverage Marble techniques

Module 8

Dual Forms with Builder trendy encapsulation techniques

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Master Training Gel Expert Day One

$450.00+ $27.13 fee

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