Dulles Campus Women's Encounter | April 27 - 28

3C Dulles

46040 Center Oak Plaza, Sterling, VA 20166, USA

This event has already passed by. Sorry.

Event Description

"Be brave and strong and trust in the lord."

                                                                                                    psalm 27:14

When you come experience encounter weekend, you’ll have access to small groups where you’ll find encouragement and accountability from your sisters. 

Many encounters in life are able to completely change the course of our lives, but everything depends on whether or no we decide to show up - when we meet the person we fall in love with; when we discover the degree we want to study; when we meet someone who can transform our company. However, the encounter that none of us can afford to miss is our encounter with God. 

This Encounter is an opportunity to have a real & personal experience with the Lord. It is not enough to simply know about God, we have to actually know Him. Encounter weekends are when we encounter God and enjoy the rich blessings He has prepared for us _ which we attain through faith. It is a time when we set aside our daily routines to be able to receive a supernatural change.

Map of Event Location
April 27th, 2018  7:00 pmApril 28th, 2018  5:00 pm