WI State Employee Forum 2018

United Way Building

Saturday April 28th 2018 1:00 pm –  5:15 pm

Saturday, April 28, 2018, 1:00 pm – 5:15 pm
United Way Building, 2059 Atwood Ave., Madison

Sponsored by the WI Professional Employee Council, WI Science Professionals, and the American Federation of Teachers-Wisconsin

Please join us for a stimulating afternoon of strength-building and solidarity State Employees, UW Employees, and Retirees welcome. You do not need to be a union member to attend. This is a FREE event. Below is the tentative agenda.

1:00 Welcome & Keynote & Reception

2:30 Workshops (Choose Two)

1: The New Landscape of Civil Service

Public sector unions formed to protect Civil Service. Our vision is for Fairness, Honesty & Transparency in the public sector, in other words Clean Government. Act 150 has hobbled Civil Service in WI, but we are confident it can be restored. It important to understand the principles of it so we are ready to defend what's left and influence the new system. This panel discussion will include a brief update on Civil Service protections available, and other related information, as well as identifying what actions should we be taking now.

2: How to Stay Engaged in Retirement

We will hear from two groups of retired state employees staying engaged in their community and their unions. Protect Our WI Retirement Systems (POWRS) will speak about their work to defend the WRS pension system, health benefits, and national Social Security and Medicare systems. Wisconsin's Green Fire is a new group of retired resource conservation professionals who will update us on their work. This is a great chance to network with retirees who can share from experience how the next phase is working for them.

3: Building Workplace Power (Leader: Frank Emspak, formerly of UW School for Workers, Workers Independent News)

How can we achieve retail-level gains at the worksite on issues of concern - scheduling, overtime, seniority, safety, etc.? This will be a workshop format session, where we break into small groups to identify a work problem and possible solutions. After that, we will together talk about next steps for each group.

4: Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
(Heidi Wagner and Alexia Kulwiec, UW School for Workers)

Presentation on Sexual Harassment for state employees, especially focusing on practical ways to address these problems without resorting to legal approaches. Empowering ourselves, enlisting bystanders to become allies, etc.

5:15 pm End

For Questions, contact Rob Henn at Henn@aft-wisconsin.org


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United Way Building

2059 Atwood Ave, Madison, WI 53704, USA

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