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The Psychology Behind Nurturing Athletes

Monday, June 03, 2024

07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

‘How to be a Better Supporter’

The Psychology Behind Nurturing Athletes

Never know the right thing to say when things go wrong at an event? How to control your own nerves and best support the rider? What to do when the pressure is on in the lead up to, during and after an event to help your child, partner or friend?

During this important, and thought-provoking webinar, Hub Performance Consultant & Sport Psychologist, Jenna Ashford will share with you how to be a better supporter at an event; by enabling you to read and understand the situation correctly, and giving you the tools to keep your rider confident, calm and in the zone to perform at their best.

Dee So'oialo, Performance Specialist and founder of The Hub, will also be alongside to discuss managing expectations and areas of conversation around team selection. 

Whether you are an anxious mother, stressed father, nervous friend or long-suffering partner, by the end of this webinar, Jenna hopes you will be better equipped to manage your own emotions, and help the rider manage theirs

We will discuss the four personality types, and help you recognise which you are, and which the rider is; and what that means for the way you communicate. Looking at different behaviours, and feedback styles, what to say, when to say it and where to say it. Explore how to be a better listener, good questions you can ask, and commitments to make to yourself. 

  • Jenna is available to book for private sessions at The Hub or online here.

This webinar will be recorded if you cannot join live, or would like to rewatch at anytime.


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