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The Best Twin Tufted Platform Bed Review

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Tufted platform beds have recently gained popularity, and we can all agree that these beds are exquisite. A twin tufted platform bed can elevate the style in a bedroom effortlessly by bringing in modernism. If you want to renovate your bedroom and want to use space sparingly while at the same time exhibiting class, you should try the twin tufted platform beds.

This article will learn the various types of tufted twin platform beds and the best ones to choose if you want to purchase a tufted type of platform bed.

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Petersen Tufted Upholstered Twin Platform Bed

Nothing can beat the style and class brought about by tufted upholstered twin platform beds. If you want to change the décor in your bedroom, the best decision is to go the upholster way. The Petersen tufted upholstered twin platform bed will leave you awed by its unique features. Crafted with solid wood, the platform bed stands strong, is stable, and highly durable.

The polyester material used to upholster the platform bed gives the bedroom refinement. It presents a medium-high button tufted headboard with a hidden compartment on the back and a low footboard. The headboard has a carefully designed fine-lined wingback design upholstered in linen and filled with foam for comfort when you rest your head on the headboard.

Like most platform beds, this bed has a slat system; therefore, you do not need to purchase a box spring. The bed can be used with any type of mattress you like, as long as it is a twin-sized mattress. The button tufting detail on the bed gives it a hint of textured charm. 

Jennie Tufted Upholstered Twin Platform Bed

If strength is your top priority when searching for a twin platform bed, Jennie tufted twin platform bed will satisfy your needs. The bed is made from pure solid wood that has been carefully engineered to form the bed. The durability, strength, and quality of this bed have made it stand out in the market, and many people love the bed.

The first thing that meets the eyes when you see this bed is the elegance and professionalism practiced in headboard crafting. The headboard features a series of pin nails running from top to bottom. The velvet used to upholster this bed complements the look and gives it a twist of traditional theme mixed with modern vibes. To finish the look, the headboard is also crafted with button tufts to make it the most attractive tufted platform bed ever made.

Jennie tufted platform bed is a low-profile bed hence highly suitable for use by kids. This is because the child will not have a had time to get on and off the bed. You can use the bed with a thirteen inches thick mattress, and there is no dire need for a box spring as it has a slat system compartment. If you are going for both style and durability, this bed is the right choice for your child's room or the guest bedroom. Due to the narrowness, the bed can only accommodate one person at a time.

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Swanley Tufted Twin Platform Bed

The Swanley tufted platform bed is a classic design bed that is sure to catch anyone's attention due to its uniquely crafted headboard. The bed frame measures 58.25 inches in width and 80.25 inches in length and is crafted using solid hardwood, assuring you of durability. When purchasing any type of bed, always make sure that the material used to make the bed is strong and durable to avoid a broken bed.

The headboard is designed with tufted buttons and upholstered linen for a soft surface to lean on whenever you are reading a book or watching television while on the bed. For extra comfort, the headboard is filled with foam; hence you will not feel the wood on your back when leaning. Sleeping on this bed will make you the happiest person when you wake up in the morning as you will have had a goodnight's sleep. 

A unique feature that is present in the platform bed is adjustability. It is not every day that you come across a bed that you can adjust according to your preferred height. Remember that height of a bed is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a bed. Choose a height that you would be comfortable to get on and off, especially if you have a pre-existing knee condition. The Swanley platform bed is adjusted from a height of 49, 53, and 57 inches. 

Sara Tufted Upholstered Twin Platform Bed

This bed is the perfect definition of elegance. Sara tufted upholstered twin platform bed is a bed design inspired by the French people. The solid and engineered hardwood used to make the platform bed is carefully crafted to form this exquisite brand of twin platform bed. 

Sara tufted upholstered platform bed presents itself with an arched headboard in the shape of a crown. The upholstery is done using a gray fabric with a finishing of button-tufted detail for a textured look. Moreover, the footboard dips in the center for a contrasting look and has a traditional panel design. 

Change the look in your bedroom by incorporating the Sara tufted upholstered platform bed and watch everything elevate into a classy look. The bed is a bit high above the ground, so be careful not to use a mattress that is too thick. The recommended mattress thickness is ten inches and below lest you are a very tall person. This bed mostly suits teenagers and mid-aged adults who are leaving alone. It can only accommodate one person per sleeping and has an overall weight of ninety-two lb.


Tufted platform beds have a way of changing the look by making the room seem elegant. Whenever you want to purchase a tufted twin size platform bed, be sure to confirm that the quality and everything else meets your preferred standards. The market is flooded with many tufted twin platform beds, and it is up to you to decide the type and design you want.

Elevate the look of your little one's room with one of the platform beds mentioned above. Tufted tin platform beds are the perfect example of when style meets perfection. 

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