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Joplin Wasteland D-Day- Monster Mash

Saturday, October 14, 2023

08:30 AM - 06:00 PM

D-Day Adventure Park, E 175 Rd, Wyandotte, OK, USA

D-Day Adventure Park, E 175 Rd, Wyandotte, OK, USA

Joplin Wasteland is proud to present our next event, Monster Mash. In our last event Fives was found of guilty of being the true mass murderer. Fives went on a insane killing spree throughout the town only to be gunned down by his own guards as he tried to flee. The Lost Treasure was found by an Exit 4 Merc by the name of Mr. Steel. He and the Treasure are currently in route to Exit 4's main trade hub. The Puddle Pirates found the treasure they were looking for and have carved out a new base of operations inside the town. They still continue trying to pawn off their gold coins for loot. Dreadnought the Terrible ended the Blood Hands Civil War by killing Elder Bleeder. The Greenwood Thieves managed to earn many caps, tipping the balance of the Blood Hands civil war. Lastly High Priestess Evangeline of the Knights of Nine managed to change Duck Law.

Now strange things are a foot. RAD Storms have moved into the Lost Lands, creating chaos and destruction. Rumors of unexplained deaths, Savage beasts and chaotic monsters roaming the RAD storms have caused the Lost Town shutter it’s doors and ration goods. It’s not safe outside the walls. A temporary “inside” truce has been called for all factions inside the town. Since everyone retreated to the safety inside the Town Walls, it’s crowded and people are getting testy. But, “outside” is not safe, from each other or the storms. All trade with the outside world has cut off and the Town Guard has instituted a ration on all ammo and gear. While the town guard stands strong, the “Faction Truce” is uneasy at best. The Town Guard currently keeps the peace inside the walls but outside is another story. To venture out risks life from any number of things, including each other. The Town Guard has set forth a bounty on the head of each “Beast, Monster and Agent of Chaos” outside the walls. The Town must do something otherwise they will all starve. Reports of special loot and supplies can be found on these new beings of the wastelands. Things that will make surviving, nay, THRIVING inside the Town possible. Every Faction has heard these rumors and have even seen some of this loot around town. This is emboldening their resolve to venture into the RAD Wastes. The Town needs to find out how to unblock the trade route to the south. It will be a perilous task but the rewards will be grand. Currently the Lost Town is maintaining off of the taxes of all the new wastelanders inside. But there is yet another problem. Who will be the next mayor for the Lost Town?

Note the only Tickets that players will be able to choose from will be Wanderer, Towns People, or Mini Boss. All players, minus “mini bosses” will start and spawn inside the town. There will be factions inside the town you may join once the game begins. The faction are the Exit 4 Trade Guild, the Puddle Pirates, the Knights of the Nine and the Blood Hands. The Towns People players make up the Town Guard and player run vendors. Mini Boss players are players that choose to role play as a Power Armor or Monster Player and have their own spawn points and guidelines they must follow. They roam the RAD Wastes and threaten the lives of anyone that dares to exit the town into the Lost Lands.

Tickets Prices- 35$ Game charge fee preorder. 40$ gate charge fee.

Time events- October 14th 2023

8:30am- 9:30am sign-in/faction briefing

9:30am- 9:45am costume contest.

9:45am-10:15am rules briefing

10:15am-10:50am player transport to field movement.

10:50am- 11am on field Spawn Brief.


5pm-5:30pm cap auction.

5:30pm- 6pm Item turn in at town and end game brief.

Game RulesGoogle Docs-

Please read the rules as it outlines the safely guild lines as this is a LARP event with airsoft guns. D-Day safety REQUIREMENT: ANSI Z87+ approved full seal eye protection and players under the age of 18 must also have full face protection.

In this event, all player ammo will be proved at the event. The player may bring their own ammo to give to an ammo vendor for in game use. All ammo used must be biodegradable airsoft ammo. When a player joins an NPC ran group(Faction) they will be marked with that group’s colors and may now spawn at said group's spawn until they quit that group. To quit a group you first must speak with the group's NPC leader. For this event players that preorder their tickets will have first choice of what group they wish to join up at pre-order.

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