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Last Days Overcomers ONLINE Conference

Saturday, August 05, 2023

09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

A recent Lifeway poll revealed that 90% of pastors in America believe we are in what Jesus reffered to as the last days, or "the labor pains" predicted to happen just prior to His return. But sadly few are focused on what Jesus said we should be doing when we see these signs. This conference is about equipping and preparing believers for the challenges facing all of us in the days ahead. It's a non-denominational conference about being prepared. What did Jesus tell us to be doing? How do we prepare our children, our grandchildren? Each of the four sessions have Q&A's where you can ask your toughest questions. This is an interactive live stream event with footage and content from the Cincinnati conference. All three speakers: Nelson Walters, Marquis Laughlin, and Jake McCandless will be online to answer your questions in real time. Join us for this Saturday, all-day event if you can't make it to the actual live conference in Springdale.

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