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Sidewalk Advocates for Life Training - Save Lives Where You Live

Saturday, July 13, 2024

09:30 AM - 04:00 PM

Location Provided Upon Registration

Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Have a heart for seeing an end to abortion? Serve women and their families outside the abortion facility by offering true help and hope. Become a Sidewalk Advocate for Life!

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You are invited to attend this training opportunity with Sidewalk Advocates for Life Grand Rapids! We’ll train you to have compassionate, helpful, life-giving interactions with people going into Planned Parenthood. Together we can work to ensure that everyone who seeks solutions in the abortion facility will have an encounter with the love of Christ at the sidewalk, and the opportunity to hear about true hope and help. Love is ending abortion in Grand Rapids, as we show up to give and serve.

(Photo above shared with Mom's permission. Beautiful Kiara holds joyful little Kingdom outside the abortion facility where the late abortionist, Dr. Thomas James Gordon took Kingdom's first photo via ultrasound. Kiara is grateful for the presence of Sidewalk Advocates and the love and support she has received through this ministry since the day she walked into, and then out of her abortion appointment - for LIFE!)

The $20 ticket cost helps us cover dinner, workbooks, literature, signage, and quarterly renewal with SAFL (fee is waivable for students, clergy, or anyone with financial hardship). 

All Program Leaders and Sidewalk Advocates serve on a volunteer basis. It is a blessing to offer this up to care for our community and be a part of God's Kingdom work saving lives both physically and spiritually.

Take a moment to review a few important details about what Sidewalk Advocacy IS and what it IS NOT!

What Sidewalk Advocacy IS:

  • It is helping men and women outside Planned Parenthood find ethical alternatives to meet their needs in our community. We empower them with resources to make an optimal health decision.
  • It is peaceful, approachable, and loving interactions with anyone you come in contact with. 
  • It is compassionate behavior towards the employees of Planned Parenthood.
  • It is focused using the "Mom, Baby, God" model taught in Sidewalk Advocacy Training.
  • It is listening well and not taking the clients moral inventory. We offer spiritual support and prayer to those willing to receive it, as we live out the Gospel through compassionate service, joyful to give an answer for the great love and hope that is within us, Jesus Christ.
  • It is law-abiding. 
  • It is cross denominational. We welcome both Protestants and Catholics to join in this ministry for LIFE and HEALING and ask that denominational disputes and conversations be had away from the sidewalk as it distracts from shared our life saving mission. (Invite that believer for a cup of coffee!)

What Sidewalk Advocacy IS NOT:

  • It is not a protest outside Planned Parenthood. There is a time and place for protests, but Sidewalk Advocacy is about connecting.
  • It is not a time to sit on the sidelines, disengaged. We try for one-on-one interactions with the people entering the business and getting them the help they need.
  • It is not screaming at women or using bullhorns. Sidewalk Advocates are approachable and caring, building a level of trust with a potential client or worker.
  • It is not scared of mean things people say or rude hand gestures. Sidewalk Advocates look past any negativity and focus on the main thing, helping men and women find care elsewhere which works to end abortion.
  • It is not false advertising. We have real help to offer clients entering Planned Parenthood. 

To learn more about our program visit:

Video Testimony of Grand Rapids Local Outreach: Kaia's Story

To protect the integrity of the program and those attending the training you agree to fill out the Google Form linked below prior to your ticket purchase and be willing to connect with SAFL - Grand Rapids Leadership. Thank you for understanding the extra steps we must take in this matter.


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