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Sports Exposed Elite Boys Basketball Combine and Showcase

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

05:30 PM - 08:30 PM

Mansfield Timberview High School Gym

7700 S Watson Rd, Arlington, TX 76002

The Sports Exposed Boys Basketball Combine and showcase is a one day showcase that is available for basketball players. At the combine, players will be measured and perform various athletic tests, shooting drills, and live competition for our coaches to evaluate and rank them based on their performance at the combine. Most Athletes attend by invitation only. An athlete's performance during the combine will be calculated, evaluated and documented.

The athletic tests include

  • standing vertical jump,
  • maximum vertical jump,
  • standing broad jump,
  • three-quarter-court sprint time,
  • lane agility time
  • lane shuttle.

Physical measurements include

  • height/weight
  • wingspan,
  • standing reach.

Shooting Tests include:

  • x layups,
  • 5 spot shooting (timed)
  • 5 spot catch and shoot (25 shots),
  • 5 Spot Dribble pull up (10 from each spot 5 left 5 right = 50 total)
  • Transition 3 (timed)
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