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Friday, February 11, 2022
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2182 Hidden Meadow Drive Edmore, ND 58330

Lightning! Our regular blogger, Ivan Survillo, wrote a test essay today, and he's hot on the trail, giving details and sharing his impressions. Let's find out how long it took and if he managed to meet the limit.

First, there's the matchmaking. The essay is mandatory for everyone, it works as an admission and you can't graduate without it.

Essay directions:

"Reason and Sense,

"Honor and dishonor."

"Victory and Defeat."

"Experience and Mistakes."

"Friendship and Enmity."

There are no themes. The topics will become known on the day of writing.

Students are given three and a half hours to write a final essay. That is enough time. I wrote straight out and wrote it in an hour and a half.

To get "credit" you have to:

have a positive score for the work;

Maintain the volume (not less than 350 words);

write the work yourself.

Why do you need it

Schools don't give a shit about the essay. Institutes don't give a crap. They usually read the essays of applicants. A good essay can earn you up to ten extra points on your USE. The grading criteria are very subjective.

"Fail" is given if the poor quality of speech makes it significantly difficult to understand the meaning of the essay (in all other cases, "pass" is given).

Here it all depends on what kind of expert you get: meticulous or

loyal? Tired or cheerful? Able to understand the meaning of a poor-quality speech or not?

In general, to put creativity in the framework, in the standards and make an admission to the USE strange.


Choose a direction or two in advance. In the best essay writing services prepare your arguments for them.

Write an essay in its entirety a couple of times. Ask the teacher to check.

Don't be nervous. You know everything.

Read the wording of the topic carefully. Read it again. One more time.

If you want, make a plan. It will help you structure your thoughts.

Plan how to write a high GPA essay for the USE

Here I want to give some tips that I use myself - I think you will find them useful.

1. Prepare your knowledge of the subject

You don't have to learn everything, but it is important to have an idea of how and what to write a text about. Everything else can be worked out in practice.

2.Familiarize yourself with the structure of your essay.

Is it worth talking about such elementary things? The author's position, the commentary, the problem, the arguments... In fact, many students do not know these things. The problem is also that different teachers teach the structure in different ways. If you get confused, be sure to check the FIPI website. It is also important to know the criteria: what you will get points for and what you will get "zero" for.

3. study other people's work.

Bookmark those essays that are useful to you as a template. Do not confuse this with clichés. Clichés will help you compose your essay, but they won't teach you how to write and memorize information.

Practice is always helpful! But sometimes we just aren't able to analyze what our papers are missing. It is not clear why it is not possible to highlight the problem, the position of the author, write a commentary and arguments. When essaylab read different essays, they find new ideas. We see how another person writes, we compare it with our own text. 

I'll highlight a few pros why you should definitely study other people's work.

You gain new knowledge, because an essay can be perceived as a kind of analysis of a topic or work. If you realize that you won't write an essay on a particular subject, refer to someone else's work. Naturally, I'm talking about good essays written to a maximum score.

Where to find such works? I think you have acquaintances who write maximum grade essays. Ask them for notebooks that have grades and teacher comments written on them. It's also a good idea to check essay websites. There, the USE experts also grade students' work. By the way, one sample essay is waiting for you at the end of this article! You can start preparing as soon as you finish it.

By reviewing other people's essays, you will learn new techniques. It's good to have a template in your head, but it's always good to see how the other person writes.

Don't ignore essays with mistakes. When reviewing papers, the teacher writes what he or she is lowering the points for. Interestingly, different students often make similar mistakes. If you find out what others are doing wrong, you will remember it and correct it. Recall the parable: "A wise man learns from other people's mistakes, a smart man learns from his own, a fool does not learn at all."  

4. Don't forget about practice.

Sometimes starting an essay is much harder than writing it. In preparation, too, I often put off essays.

When I write for a test, I usually highlight two methods of writing. If I don't know what to write, I go through all the material on the topic. Sometimes it's hard to know what you want to see from you, so be sure to look at other essays. This would not be considered cheating or non-self-help work (unless, of course, you're cheating on everything). You're just looking at material on a topic you don't understand, which means you're studying it. 

But! Many people use materials all the time when preparing. And here I use the second method. If the topic encountered is not difficult, I refer only to my knowledge. That way, when checking the text, I can understand what I have learned and what needs to be repeated.

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