Discovering The Ultimate You - Birmingham

Holiday Inn M6, J7

Saturday September 22nd 2018 9:00 am –  3:00 pm

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What lies at the heart of society’s problems?

What is the real issue behind wars, gang violence, poverty, inequality, depression, self-doubt, a negative self image, or the need to seek comfort in drugs and alcohol?

The answer, and the solution, lies in one word: IDENTITY!

The subject of identity is both complicated, and personal. We often identify ourselves according to our nationality, culture, skin colour, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. However, each of us has a greater identity that surpasses all of these things. One that if embraced, will transform your life, and propel you far beyond the trajectory of your current situation. An identity that will enable you to live beyond all perceived limitations, and achieve what others deem impossible. That identity is THE ULTIMATE YOU – the ultimate in human potential.

Hi, my name is Allan Sealy, and I invite you to join me at Discovering The Ultimate You Empowerment Seminar, where you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and success. Based on my upcoming self-titled book, this unique seminar will empower you to:

- Understand the role your thoughts

  play in determining your circumstances

- See yourself the way God sees you

- Develop the confidence to boldly live your dreams

- Master life’s challenges with an unstoppable paradigm

- Achieve success without compromising your values

- Manifest your Divine potential

- Become The Ultimate You”

G U E S T  S P E A K E R S

 your opportunity to hear key insights from powerhouse speakers, Pam Maynard, Phillipa Thorpe, and Alex Gordon. Each of these successful coaches and business mentors, have with a proven track record for helping individuals, and entrepreneurs activate and manifest their divine gifts and purpose.

ACT NOW and book your early bird tickets at just £25 (plus a small booking fee).

We at Wisdom Brings Success look forward to equipping you with the best tools for transforming your life, and manifest the power of The Ultimate You.

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Holiday Inn M6, J7

West Midlands, Chapel Ln, Birmingham B43 7BG, United Kingdom

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